Friday, September 28, 2007

Pasta A La Chupieandjsmama

1. Pasta (we use Tinkyada Gluten Free Penne)
2. Olive Oil
3. Fresh Basil (2 large leaves - chopped)
4. 2 plum tomatoes (diced)
5. 1 package of mushrooms (cleaned and sliced)
6. garlic (2 cloves diced)
5. Salt and pepper to taste

1. Put pasta in boiling water.
2. Heat olive oil (about 3 - 4 tbs.) in a pan and add garlic, mushrooms and tomatoes and simmer until mushrooms are tender. Add Basil and simmer a few more minutes.
3. Drain pasta
4. Combine pasta and tomato/mushroom mixture in a bowl and toss.
5. Add salt and pepper.

ENJOY...This is very easy and very good!

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